There is only one antidote to fear.

And that is passion.

Passion for life will melt all limiting fears. 

mystic caravan

Exotic Bali, Indonesia March 27th to April 2nd 2018

Bali, is a spiritual playground for the Gods and Godesses. A blessed island holding tremendous beauty and divine presence.

Against this delicious background, come escape with me for 7 days and 7 nights and re-discover inner beauty and simplicity.

Let’s lose the world and travel to the center of our tender hearts!

We will be staying in the heart of Ubud, Bali

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Life places many questions at our doorstep. Often with very few answers. Somewhere despite the din of life we are seeking serenity, a place of calm within, a deep sense of knowing and feeling rooted in our own existence as we know it. 

Answers lie in copious books and the thirst-quenching fountain of a teacher’s voice. Answers also lie inside the silence of the heart. A place of emptiness from the chatter of the mind where a fullness of spirit can be found. 

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listen deeply

Listen Deeply is a workshop series carefully nurtured into existence after more than a decade of drawing from the sweet rivers of Taoism, Yoga and Sufism. A ritual practice of listening to the deepest thunder inside your tender heart, through meditating, journaling, breathing, dancing and exploring.

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yoga and meditation

The mind cannot be seen, but it can be witnessed through the body. Yoga is a way of life that enables one to achieve a sound and balanced inner and outer world.

Trained in Tantric meditation, Sound Healing Therapy and Mindful Meditation, the practice of achieving a sense of inner peace through these introspective means is a powerful and potent way of enriching one’s life, deepening one’s perspective and fueling the direction of our innate destiny to thrive.

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